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Frame Tents

Frame tents come in all sizes. Due to their aluminum self supporting frame structure, Frame Tents can be placed anywhere. They can be set up without being staked down. They have no internal poles which increases space inside and allows the tent to be moved after setup if needed.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are the traditional style tent, offered in larger sizes. They must be staked, and can be erected on most surfaces. This is a classic shelter from the elements; a festive, flexible tent for a multitude of events.

Century Tents

Century tents have fewer internal poles and can withstand high winds. These tents give your event a more elegant look.


Stages can be used for bands, DJ’s, guest speakers, elevated and in a variety of sizes. Durable and professionally assembled, our stages offer the visibility some functions require.





Dancefloors can be used for all types of events. Easy and fast setup and takedown by our staff. Festivals, Patrties and your event!






Tables & Chairs are available for rental by request. Perfect for outdoor parties under one of our tent setups!


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